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interior electrical installations

  • Electrical installation study.
  • Electrical installation design.
  • Electrical installation completion.
  • Lighting installation.
  • Plug socket installation.
  • Light switch installation.
  • Intercom system installation.
  • Electric wiring replacement / installation.
  • Telephone wiring installation.

outdoor electrical installations

  • Outdoor space lighting installation.
  • Landscape lighting installation.
  • Building lighting installation.
  • Wiring installation from the electric meter box.
  • Underground electrical wiring installation.
  • Electric garage door wiring installation.
  • Grounding/earthing resistance inspection and measurement.
  • Grounding/earthing installation.
  • Grounding/earthing resistance improvement.

breaker box wiring/ installation

  • Breaker box replacement.
  • Circuit breaker replacement.
  • Smart circuit panel installation.
  • Electrical safety devices installation to protect you and your equipment, such as residual
    current device, surge/ overvoltage protection devices, voltage monitoring device, insulation
    monitoring device, etc.
  • Smart home solutions.
    Water pressure pump control panel installation/ repair.
  • Swimming pool subpanel insallation/ repair.


  • Electrical installation inspection.
  • Cable fault finding and repairs.
  • Electrical installation improvement.
  • Lighting fault repairs.
  • Telephone line fault repairs.
  • Network cabling repairs.
  • Electrical safety devices inspection.
  • Leakage currents detection and elimination.


  • Licensed electrician certification to be provided to HEDNO S.A., issued following electrical installation inspection.
  • Complete or partial electrical installation renovation.
  • Installation of new electrical wiring.
  • Lighting fixture replacement.
  • Plug socket replacement.
  • Light switch replacement.
  • Intercom replacement.
  • Extensions to existing wiring.
  • Electrical wiring replacement.

electrical appliance repair service

  • Electric cooker and oven repair service.
  • Washing machine repair service.
  • Dishwasher repair service.
  • Electric water heater element replacement.
  • Central heating thermostat replacement.
  • Hydro massage tub / sauna repair service.
  • Electric garage door repair service.

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